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Black Belt Curriculum

Majest Martial Arts

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1st Dan – 2 Stars

At Majest, 1st degree Black Belt students (called 1st dan students) study the following poomsae:

To earn their 5th and 6th stars, students continue to practice the above forms and all the Taegeuk forms previously learned as a color belt. The Palgwae forms are from an older (pre-1970s) and more challenging curriculum that predates the modern curriculum — not all schools teach these forms, but their study certainly enriches a TaeKwonDo student’s ability and education. Palgwae2_3D

Palgwae Yi Jang (step by step)

Palgwae Yi Jang

1 dan 2 stars - Kicking Combination
Kicking Combinations 1dan
1 dan 2 stars - Breaking Technique
Curriculum Overview 1_2_dan