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Majest Cubs

Majest Cubs is our program for children under age 5. These are formative years for a child’s development of gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and agility. Children in this age group thrive in large, safe play areas where they can develop the proprioception, spacial awareness, and motor functions that accelerate their physical and cognitive development. Majest has both the facilities and the instruction needed to make this possible. Our instructors are expert at working with younger children in a variety of training activities that develop these skills: balance drills, obstacle courses, and agility training along with basic TaeKwonDo movements and fundamentals.

“My son has been there since he was a Cub, and now he’s a super-blue belt. He absolutely loves it. The instructors are beyond amazing, and so encouraging. The after school program, day camp when school is closed and summer camps keep the kids busy and having fun!” – E.F. majestcubs