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At Majest, we incorporate self-defense techniques into our mainstream classes, but with special emphasis on self-defense in our Teen & Adult classes and our Black Belt Club classes. TaeKwonDo first-and-foremost is a martial art, with self-defense as an intrinsic part of its foundation. Our self-defense instruction, generally geared toward older and longer-term students, emphasizes a holistic approach to self-defense that includes awareness of your surroundings and de-escalation of confrontations. In all cases, we teach the importance of safety and respect above all.

Our TaeKwonDo program at Majest is thoroughly well-rounded, where students of all interests and skill-levels will find something that they enjoy, whether it be self-defense instruction, practice in tournament-style sparring, forms (“poomsae”) practice, board-breaking, or just general fitness and fun. Whichever aspects of martial arts you enjoy most, there’s a Majest class for you!

Majest Self Defense