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Tournament Participation

Majest practices the World Taekwondo Federation style of TaeKwonDo, the same style practiced in the Olympic and Paralympic games. Our Majest Black Belts received dan certification from Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. This is important for two reasons: it allows your Black Belt child to relocate in future years to any Kukkiwon-affiliated TaeKwonDo school (anywhere in the world!) while still maintaining their TaeKwonDo rank; and it qualifies your child to participate as a Black Belt in tournaments sponsored by the World Taekwondo Federation and USA Taekwondo (the TaeKwonDo branch of Team USA).

Each year at Majest, our competition teams are regular competitors at tournaments across the U.S., and we believe that tournament participation is a terrific way to further foster focus, discipline, sportsmanship, and success. Tryouts for our competition teams occur several times throughout the year; if your child is looking for opportunities in tournament-level competition, Majest is the place for you!

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